Resources for Parents

Dear Families,
We are in this for the long haul. So many things are happening while time also moves so slowly – especially without playgrounds for all my little ones. Let’s not pretend this is how we wanted this spring to be! Please keep in mind that while our faith is so important, the resources (free!) below are entirely optional, so while some are time-sensitive (for Holy Week/Easter,) they are not urgent. Do not let them add to your stress. Keeping your family grounded in some prayer and conversation about faith will look different for every family. Do it intentionally and let the Holy Spirit help with the rest. This year everything is different and we’re all doing it for the first time. (Sacrament prep is the only non-optional piece and they have separate communication for distance learning.)

1. Holy Week starts this Sunday, April 5 and Easter is Sunday, April 12. Also see Catholic Icing link in #2 for crafts.

St. Ann, Coppell Children’s Stations of the Cross (audio)
Holy Week at Home from Catholic Family Crate
Holy Week at Home from Pastoral Center

2. RE/Family Formation options for the rest of the school year. Nothing needs to be turned in/returned. We trust you are doing your best. Everything is free at least for a limited time.

Ignatius Press Faith and Life Series online (1-8)
St. Mary’s Press resources
Brother Francis free videos and printables
Catholic Icing – awesome crafts!

3. Resources for worry/anxiety. I’m adding this because the stress of these changes to life can cause big feelings that kids often don’t have the tools to express and they can come out in unhealthy ways. Most are directed at parents and some to then use with kids as needed/appropriate. (* means it is not a Catholic resource.)

“That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief” – Harvard Business Review interview with David Kessler*
Ave Explores Podcast – from Ave Maria Press
Catholic Mindfulness Website
Raising Boys and Girls podcast* (Christian counseling group)
Generation Mindful printable Coronavirus booklet* (scroll down)

4. Resources for adult formation
My Catholic Faith Delivered Adult Courses
Wild Goose multiple series
Fr. Brad Doyle (Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana) on Prayer at Home during Coronavirus (video on Facebook)