Safe Environment Training

Protecting God's Children Training 


As a parishioner, if you are interested in volunteering within a ministry, the first step is to contact the department head/pastoral minister and set up a time to meet.

 The department head/pastoral ministers are:

  • Liturgy & Music – Micheal Cervantes,
  • Children’s Formation, R.C.I.A and Adult Formation – Lauren Triplett,
  • Youth Ministry and Youth Formation – Michael Waldon, or
  • Ali Hoffman,
  • Community Life or Outreach Ministries – Rosemary Manganilla,
  • Preschool and Mother’s Day Out Director – Susan Sasso (employed staff only)

 At your initial meeting/interview you will be asked to complete two forms:

  1. (a)    volunteer ministry application
  2. (b)   an application for release of information

It is the responsibility of the department/pastoral minister to complete the reference checks.  Once completed, all paperwork is turned in to Deacon Walt Stone, the Protecting God's Children parish coordinator. Once you have completed the training, it is the responsibility of the parish coordinator to complete your background check. The parish coordinator will contact you, via e-mail, giving you directions to complete training for the Protecting God's Children process.  Once the process has been completed, the parish coordinator will notify the department head/pastoral minister that you have fulfilled all diocesan requirements and are available to volunteer. We welcome you and are look forward to your joining our parish ministries.

Leadership Training for Youth:

Teen Leadership Training Program, required for volunteers ages 11-17, is offered through Lauren Triplett, or 972-492-3237 ext. 123.  Contact Lauren for details.