St. Catherine's Women's Club

The St. Catherine of Siena Women’s Club was established in 1978 and over the course of these 36 years we have truly grown as an organization and as a church family. 

As our parish grows in size, so do our needs as parishioners and the help we can provide to one another in God’s grace is immeasurable. We are all blessed with gifts.

We know you love St. Catherine, your parish and your community and we hope you will share your gifts with each of us.

We invite you to get involved with the Women’s Club.  We invite you to grow with us, in faith, in love, and in friendship.

2016 - 2017  OFFICERS

PRESIDENT - Kim Stewart

VICE PRESIDENT - Rosemary Manganilla

SECRETARY - Blanca Gonzalez

TREASURER - Frances Gaucini

CO-MEMBERSHIP - Sandy Leners  &  Patti Johnson

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