Community Life Team

Co-Chairs:  Terri Sullivan and Jennifer Kuncl

The Vision  for  Community life team at  St. Catherine of Siena  Catholic  Church is to extend  Christ’s welcome  beyond the Mass  and other spiritual activities  to all  and to promote  involvement  within the parish community.

Its purpose statement is to encourage and promote  a balanced  variety  of activities and programs  that serve  the need  of  all  and invite  involvement from the Parish  community.

The team members are guided by the values of faith based fellowship, mutual respect, commitment and collaboration.

The Community Life team at St. Catherine of Siena is responsible to extend Christ’s welcome beyond the Mass and other spiritual activities to all and to promote involvement within the Parish community. The team’s purpose is to encourage and promote a balanced variety of activities and programs that serve the needs of the Parish. The team also is responsible for inviting involvement from the community at large to support these programs.

The Community Life team will work together to accomplish its mission to evaluate the activities and programs available at St. Catherine. They will determine how these meet the needs of the community, provide any assistance necessary to promote collaboration between activities, resolve scheduling conflicts, and help in the creation of new faith-based fellowship for our Parishioners.

The members of the Community Life team are active with regular monthly meetings and are devoted to the task. All Community related events at the church are subject to discussion by the Community Life Team and the Pastor and any new group wishing to function at the Church needs Pastoral approval

The Initial work of the team was to consolidate the many calendars in the parish and identify opportunities to alleviate scheduling conflicts. Communication is a key responsibility and Community Life’s first quarterly newsletter was published in the third quarter of this year.

We look forward to the Year of Faith and will assist the other teams in bringing our community together with new programs to extend Christ’s welcome beyond the Mass and other Spiritual activities within the Parish community.