Liturgical Support Ministers

This Ministry consists of Wedding Coordinators, Funeral Coordinators, Altar Society, Contemplative Prayer Group, Environmental / Liturgical Design, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  Check the weekly bulletin for schedule information.  To volunteer contact: Micheal Cervantes at 972-492-3237 or  .


Wedding assistants help the Wedding Coordinator in several ways: organize the bridal party processional, pin on boutonnieres, put printed programs on a table, help with the distribution of communion among other preparations as needed.  Contact Micheal Cervantes


Funeral assistants help the Liturgist for funerals: help families place the pall on the casket, bring in the thurible and incense, and help with the distribution of communion if needed.  Contact Micheal Cervantes.


This ministry cares for the altar linens, towels, and occasionally, the servers’ albs.  Ministers are responsible for picking up the laundry, washing and ironing at their home, and returning it to the church sacristy.  Each member is scheduled to serve approximately once every eight weeks.  Contact Micheal Cervantes.


Drawing its strength from Jesus in the Eucharist, the contemplative prayer group seeks to promote a greater awareness of God.  As members of the   Mystical Body of Christ, we reach out to all believers to spend more time listening to God.  We meet once a month on Sunday afternoons from 2:00-4:00 p.m.  Twice each year we sponsor weekend retreats at Wellspring Center for Spirituality near Tyler.  Contact Mary Lou Seewoester at .


This ministry is responsible for creating the “look” of the liturgical season in our worship space by using symbols, colors, light and all forms of decoration.  The team consists of designers (those who plan for each season), decorators (those who assist in setting up and taking down the liturgical decorations), plant care people (those who water and maintain the indoor plants), and floral designers. We need people with creative abilities, as well as “worker bees”—no experience necessary.  We meet as needed. Contact Micheal Cervantes.


We invite you to join us on Sundays at 3:00 pm in the chapel to pray The Chaplet.  Our prayers are for the faithful departed and those who are suffering illnesses or injustices.  Contact Bonnie Irvine at 612-840-3561 or .

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More about the Ministries

Each ministry falls under the guidance of one of the five teams: Administration, Liturgy, Outreach, Community Life, and Faith Formation. If you would like to serve on a ministry contact us today.