Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning

What is Natural Family Planning?

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a way to honor the vows a couple takes in the sacrament of marriage, while planning a family, through observance and charting of physical signals of fertility. Natural Family Planning is done in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church and allows couples to achieve or postpone pregnancy.

Who needs Natural Family Planning?

Any married couple can use NFP. There are various methods of NFP that are taught by trained instructors. While there are similarities in methods, each has unique characteristics. A single woman may also wish to learn NFP in order to learn about her body, especially in the case of irregular cycles.

What are the different methods of NFP?

The three methods taught in the Diocese of Fort Worth are the Billings Ovulation Method, the Creighton Model FertilityCareT System, and the Couple to Couple League Sympto-Thermal Method.

Click here for more information about the methods and how to sign up for classes.

What is offered at St. Catherine’s?

We are proud to offer the Creighton Model FertilityCareT System taught by FertilityCare Practitioner Ginny Robinson here at St. Catherine of Siena on a regular basis. You may call the office for the next scheduled introductory class or email her directly at

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